Kashmira with Luo Pan

I have been using all the below mentioned Formulas during my consultations for the past 15 years and I am happy to acknowledge that all of them work equally well.

1. FORM SCHOOL- The practitioner takes into account the immediate landscape of the Property.Human destiny is enhanced if we live in harmony with nature thereby tapping into its auspicious influences. The practitioner takes into account the location of the land, the flow of water, the influence of the surrounding buildings, the wind, the light and the vegetation to finally assess whether the property has favourable Feng Shui.

2. EIGHT ASPIRATIONS FORMULA- It is the most basic and potent Feng Shui Formula that is derived from Later Heaven PaKua.

3. EAST/WEST HOUSE FORMULA- It is a more personalized theory based on an individual's Birthdate and Gender. It is also sometimes called Eight Mansions Feng Shui. From this calculation we know an individual's auspicious and inauspicious directions. With the above information, you can select houses, rooms and corners that bring maximum luck rather than harmful luck. We can also take steps to ensure that you are protected from living in unsuitable houses, staying in inauspicious rooms or facing unlucky directions.

4. ZUAN KONG- It is a more Advanced Time Dimensional Formula. This method is used to investigate the luck of different sectors of the house. Lucky sectors need to be activated whereas inauspicious sectors need to be subdued or suppressed. In short I do the horoscope of the house or office. This method is also called Flying Star Feng Shui. It is a very effective method when you design your space according to the natal chart.

5. SYMBOLISM It is about knowing and understanding the meanings of objects, structures and elements. It means incorporating popular attributes and characteristics of flowers, animals, creatures, birds and objects enhancing one's personal space and environment thereby attracting Good Fortune and being protected against misfortunes caused by bad feng shui or by bad astrological periods. By displaying Good Fortune Symbols in homes and offices correctly actually speeds up the onset of Good Fortune. Practising Symbolic Feng Shui is the easiest way of improving the auspicious flow of Chi(energy).