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Everyone knows that Water is the key to unlocking prosperity in Feng Shui, that the Shui (water) brings exciting results everyone wants - enhanced Wealth.There are different ways of building water features and designing water flows in and around the home to attract income and wealth luck. When there is a view of water the feng shui of any abode immediately improves- like living near a lake or a river. A skilled Feng Shui Master will orientate the home or building correctly by using the compass to capture the auspicious energy.


Having regular shapes for home interiors is very auspicious. When we refer to shapes i mean the shape of the layout of the entire house as well as shape of individual rooms. Square and rectangular rooms are easiest to work with to produce good feng shui.If the rooms or the whole apartment is irregular in shape ie it has missing or protruding corners, it will cause the luck of the occupants to be uncertain and unstable. To improve fortunes, such shapes should be regularised with clever placement of furniture, use of wall colours and lighting to create different perspectives.