Everyone knows that Water is the key to unlocking prosperity in Feng Shui, that the Shui (water) brings exciting results everyone wants - enhanced Wealth.There are different ways of building water features and designing water flows in and around the home to attract income and wealth luck. When there is a view of water the feng shui of any abode immediately improves- like living near a lake or a river. A skilled Feng Shui Master will orientate the home or building correctly by using the compass to capture the auspicious energy.

Not everyone stays near lakes and rivers.People staying in independent houses with garden can create their own bodies of water like a pond or a pool which is deep enough to simulate the prosperity bringing properties of water.The pond should be minimum 18 inchs deep. The more deeper the more auspicious.

There are certain directions where one can build these water features in your house. Having a water feature in front of the house is very auspicious and beneficial. It will definitely increase your wealth luck. The facing palace is in front of the house where your front door is located.So a yang water feature in front of the house like a pond, fountain or pool is always beneficial. There should be an open door or a window for this auspicious water energy ( chi) to enter the home. Deeper the water in front means deeper will be your wealth luck.

While incorporating a small pond or a fountain inside the house, it should be done during the time of construction. One cannot dig inside the house once you have moved in.It is a taboo. It can cause the family to lose the house and become bankrupt. This is one of the most important point to keep in mind.

The chi of water always brings prosperity and wealth accumulation. When it rains, collect the rain water and bring it inside your house. Pour it in your potted plants and also into indoor ponds.The rained soaked soil can also be brought inside and mixed with your plants. All this will definitely bring an atmosphere of abundance into the home.

Another extremely important tip is not to place water features on the right hand side of your main entrance door as you look out of your door (whether inside or outside the house). This position will cause the man of the house to develop a roving eye. Sometimes it does not stop at harmless flirtations but could cause tragic and scandalous consequences for the wife and family of the household. Therefore please do keep in mind all these important tips while placing your water features.