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Hello & Welcome to the World of Feng Shui

Mrs Kashmira who is based in Chennai (India) has been a Master Feng Shui Practitioner for more than 20 years trained under the world renowned feng shui consultant and author Ms Lillian Too of Malaysia. She is also a Vaastu Consultant. In 1997 she promoted "Feng Shui Chennai" which is India's first exclusive Feng Shui Boutique.
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Why Choose Us

  • Kashmira Is Trained Under Globally Acclaimed Feng Shui Consultant and Author Ms.Lillian Too
  • 20 Years Experience As Consultant And Practitioner
  • " Feng Shui Chennai " The First Exclusive Boutique In India
  • The Only Retail Outlet In The Country Selling Energized Feng Shui Products
  • Chennai's Top Feng Shui Consultant
  • Satisfied Customers In Thousands

Luck for 2016

The Paht Chee chart of Fire Monkey Year 2016 is unbalanced as all the 5 elements are not present.This year the fire energy is too strong and ferocious making it a very competitive year as compared to the last year of the docile and peaceful Sheep. Competitive Pressures can get out of hand and can become quite ugly. Individuals will need to put in extra effort to get their work done. This is because of the absence of the "Water" element which is totally missing in the main chart. Water becomes the most important element for 2016. Water stands for "Power and Recognition" in this year's chart. Therefore with the absence of this element, those in authority will find it difficult to exercise the same. There will be lot of restlessness.

Interested in reading important tips ? 

Auspicious Directions in 2016


The Victory Star flies to the SE bringing excellent luck for the eldest daughter of the family.Those living in rooms located in the SE will also benefit. This lucky star promises victory over your competitors and brings Success luck. Place a yang water feature like a fountain, waterfall, an aquarium or a water painting in this sector.This will help to activate the lucky sector. Individuals born in the Year of the Dragon and snake will benefit from this star.    

Inauspicious Directions in 2016

This sector is afflicted with the Violent Star bringing Burglary, Violence, Betrayal, Accidents and Cheating Luck. Houses which are facing North or one is using a North Bedroom should be mindful of this affliction.Rat born individuals should be vigilant.


a. Place a Blue Rhinoceros or an elephant with its trunk up for protection.
b. Introduce a Water Feature in this sector like a Waterfall or a Water Painting or an Aquarium.
c. Hang an Elephant (trunk up) and Rhinoceros keychain on your handbag to protect against thieves.    


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