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Feng Shui Practitioner Mrs Kashmira

Kashmira is a science graduate trained under the world-renowned Feng Shui author and consultant Mrs. Lillian Too of Malaysia. She is based in Chennai and practicing Feng Shui since 2003. Kashmira offers both online and on-site consultancy services to both individuals and Organizations across the region. “FengShui Chennai” is the only exclusive shop in the country marketing energized Feng Shui products.

Kashmira enjoys wide support across the region and her clients include BPOs, Factories, Offices, Shops and Real Estate Promoters. Individual clients include top executives, Govt officials, Businessmen, and Professionals.

Kashmira has received wide coverage across the media spectrum for the pioneering services offered in her field.

Some of the schools of Feng Shui that she specialises in are -  

Eight Mansions Feng Shui

In this school of Feng shui we try to match the natal chart of the individual with the relevant property. Here the birth details are taken into consideration to evaluate the favourable and unfavourable directions.

Form School

Form School is based on the visual features of the structure and its surroundings. In cities we check how the building is positioned relative to its neighbouring structures and the road on which it is located. In the countryside, the location receives great energy flowing from surrounding hills, rivers, lakes and other earth features. However as most of us now live in cities, we have to learn how to harness the best energy flows depending on the surrounding environment.

Flying Star

In this study the time dimension plays a very powerful role. Different periods are governed by different numbers and when the periods change, they can have some impact on the fortunes of the individual, property being the same. The consultant then draws the natal chart of buildings, homes and different kinds of structures. The chart reveals the locations within a house that have the auspicious and inauspicious sectors. The good sectors are activated for great success, money and relationship luck whereas the negative sectors are remedied using cures. Thus Flying Star Feng shui allows you to design the layout of your home in a way that maximizes the luck potential of your home and keeps the Chi (energy) flowing in a harmonious fashion that benefits all residents.  

Three Kinds Of Luck

The Chinese believe in three kinds of luck – Heaven, Mankind and Earth Luck and these three types of luck govern our lives.

Heaven Luck

Heaven luck is the luck which you are born with and is not in our control.

Mankind Luck

Mankind luck is the luck we create for ourselves through our actions, our spiritual practice and in general how we live our lives everyday. An excellent way to tap into and enhance our mankind luck is to go deeper and begin the practice of inner Feng shui. To do this we use meditation, visualization and the control of our human breath, our powerful internal chi. We can use our own consciousness to attract good fortune and happiness into our lives.

Earth Luck

Earth luck is Feng shui and Vaastu – the ancient science that shows us how to live in harmony with the environment. Our surroundings, colours, clothing, the way we sit at work are arranged in specific ways that tap into the energy lines of the earth….into the dragon’s cosmic breath. Individuals can take control of their earth luck and take advantage of the many benefits this type of luck offers you. 

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