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Transforming Spaces Transforming Lives

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Welcome to Feng Shui Chennai, your gateway to a harmonious & balanced life. Located in the heart of Chennai, our store is dedicated to bringing the ancient art of Feng Shui to the vibrant city.
We understand the importance of creating a harmonious environment that supports well-being, prosperity, and positive energy flow and our passionate team is committed to guiding you on this journey. By incorporating the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui into your surroundings, you can experience a profound transformation that positively influences your relationships, career, wealth, health and overall happiness.
We offer a wide variety of Feng Shui products that are personally energised by Feng Shui Practitioner Mrs Kashmira who holds 20+ years of experience. We also offer personal, residential and commercial consultations

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What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui which literally means “Wind and Water” is an ancient Chinese Art of harnessing the Good Luck and Good Fortune of a given environment. Wind and Water are the 2 main purveyors of energy. Water helps the auspicious chi (energy) to accumulate whereas the wind helps this accumulated Chi to scatter and disperse. Energy which is also termed as “Chi” can be classified into “ Sheng Chi “(Positive) and “Shar Chi”(Negative)

A simple test of Good Feng Shui is when we feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in any given environment. Life becomes a smooth ride. When the flow of chi and its positive accumulations permeate your living space, the feel-good factor within the home expands. Health is good, relationships are harmonious and efforts at work and your interactions with others show good results. There will be a noticeable improvement in your regular income and in the growth of your wealth. In short you will come to enjoy great financial stability which will enable you to then pursue all the things you love and want to take on.

Conversely if you sense fear, sadness and hopelessness, you can say that the environment suffers from Bad Feng Shui (Shar Chi). It can manifest itself through unwanted happenings and unpleasant events. The results can be financial losses, poor health, breakdown in relationships and many other afflictions.  

Feng Shui is a living skill that gives one a competitive edge and this practice has become popular in many countries as it improves the lives and luck with little cost and effort. 


Benefits of Feng Shui


Activate your wealth luck by building a conducive environment that generates abundance.


Boost your physical and mental health by using positive energy flows to stay fit and energetic.

Career & Success

Your work space plays a major role in enhancing your career and stimulating business opportunities. Make sure to harness the energy and attain the highest level of success.

Marriage & Romance

Discover the means to improve your romantic prospects and get the best out of your marital relationship


Improve your focus and concentration to achieve the good grades in competitive examinations.

Creativity & Productivity

A home with good energy flows will stimulate creativity and productivity helping you to achieve your goals.

Peace & Happiness

A harmonious environment both at work and home will bring satisfaction and contentment leading to the ultimate goal of peace and happiness.

Feng Shui Services

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Personal Consultation

Feng Shui as a powerful tool to achieve balance, harmony, and success in your life.

Residential Consultation

Feng Shui consultation for residences to promote balance, well-being, and prosperity.

Commercial Consultation

Feng Shui for commercial spaces offers unique benefits tailored to the specific needs of businesses.


Architects, interior designers and real estate developers can greatly benefit our partnership.


I reached out to Kashmira about 4 months ago when we were feeling stuck in life. I had some personal and career issues that I needed help with. I had done a little research in Feng Shui but did not pursue it as I had my own doubts on would it work or not. 

Finally I found Kashmira via FengShui Chennai when doing a web search. Evidently, she does a lot of work with customers helping them fix their issues & has great testimonials I could relate to. She was a local and the consultation fee seemed reasonable. Kashmira had asked us about our goals and where we wanted to see improvements. She was able to take a look at our home and immediately see where Chi energy was getting stuck.

She gave us some advice about moving items and especially cleaning out areas of our house of junk. We had some issues with our house that we didn't realize when we moved into this place a few years ago. When Kashmira explained the types of effects these issues can cause on our lives, everything made complete sense.

Aside from the consultation fee, we barely spent any money. With her simple and straightforward guidance, we mostly just moved items around and filled in some areas with missing elements to improve the wealth, career, health and love areas of our home. Now, few months later... I feel completely back on track. I have found a new Job. Work is going much better. Financially I now feel more confident & look forward to meeting my life’s goals. I haven't felt this close to my wife & daughter since we relocated to this new city. I just wish that I had called her before ... it would have made things much easier.


I would like to share my experience about the Phoenix and pyramid....

We were unable to let out our property for rent for more than 8 months and as per your advice I installed the Phoenix and the pyramid , and I'm very grateful that we found a tenant just within a week! It was so miraculous!

Thank you so much for ur advice! I'm super grateful! 


When we are putting our 200% efforts to make everything work for us and our family but something somewhere is pulling us down is when we start to look around us for someone to tell what's going wrong. That someone was you Kashmira!

You came home and so patiently advised on what could be possibly wrong in our efforts. 

The minor changes that you asked us to make in our house brought in major changes in our lives that have only turned out so positive for me and  my family! Your advice on what to do with regards to success in job,health and wealth have only given a new meaning to our efforts. The articles we purchased from you are also showing positive results. I thank you for giving us the best advice. What makes you special as a consultant is your readiness to make yourself available to listen to and give us advice whenever we call you.

I have already recommended you to many and I keep recommending you to every one. I thank you again !!!


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