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Auspicious Direction For 2023


This direction is gifted with the heavenly star which brings celestial blessings, windfalls and the luck of mentors to the homes that face West. This star improves your networking luck and also attracts people who are able to help you. Activate the West by placing –

  1. Golden Rising Dragon

  2. Six rod metal windchime

  3. Six smooth crystal balls


The Victory Star flies to the Southwest which brings Winning Luck. It indicates an elevation in reputation, status and fame with victory over competitors. It also attracts new opportunities and enhances career advancement. Individuals whose house faces southwest or who have their bedrooms in the southwest are sure to benefit. Activate this direction by placing

  1. Victory Banner

  2. Windhorse

  3. Kwan Kung


The Star of Completion and Future Prosperity occupies this direction in 2023. The Star brings fame, fortune, recognition, success, promotions and celebrations. Activate this direction by placing

  1. Kwan Kung

  2. Keep a bright light


As an auspicious wealth star is placed in the South in 2023, enhance this direction with bright lights and wealth enhancers by placing –

  1. Wealth Tree

  2. Money Frog

  3. Wealth Jhambala


In 2023 this direction is occupied by the ‘ Romance and Scholastic Star’. Writers, lecturers, researchers, artists and students should use the center to enhance their Education luck by putting in their best effort and being completely focussed.

Individuals who want to get married and even married couples can activate the center by placing

  1. Mandarin Ducks

  2. Double Happiness Symbol

To activate for Education Luck place in the center

  1. Pagoda

  2. Carps with the Dragon Gate

  3. Manjushri Gau


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