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As Feng Shui constitutes 1/3 of our Earth luck, nowadays we notice a lot of construction work going on in our neighbourhood. People are into buying land or selling off their old houses to make way for new flats or commercial complexes. Let us discuss a few important points in selecting property.

  1. First look at the terrain and what surrounds your property. Notice how the roads are laid out. As a general rule there should be nothing straight, sharp or pointed aimed at any property one is thinking of buying. E.g. a plot of land or house located at a dead end. This is bad Feng shui as the road hits straight at the house causing problems for the residents.

  2. Look out for a natural water feature. As a general rule water in the front is better than water behind.

  3. A taller structure or a building behind your home is good as it provides support.

  4. It is extremely good if the property faces an open ground or a field. This creates a bright hall effect where the chi(energy) entering your main door will be very auspicious.

  5. Keep a check on the design of the houses which are next and also opposite your property. Angled roof lines of neighbouring buildings that points at your home are called “Poison Arrows”.

  6. The shape of the plot is important to ensure a steady flow of energy. Regular shaped plots like a square or rectangle are always better compared to irregular shaped one.

  7. Do not buy or rent a house which is close to a cemetery, jail or a hospital as the yin energy will continue to send negative vibrations to your house.

Please do keep theses tips in mind while buying a land or house as my advice is to get your Feng shui right from the very begining.


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