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  1. Use a lot of red in the Southwest to jazz up the fire energy of this corner. Red has always been the colour of happiness and joy. Do this in your living room and not your bedroom. Too much of yang energy in the bedroom, you will find it difficult to sleep.

  2. If you are not happy using the colour red then install bright lights in the Southwest. Turn on the lights for at least 3 hours every evening to activate this sector.

  3. Homes must have both yin and yang energy. When a home is excessively yin or yang, it creates imbalance. When seeking life partners ensure yin -yang balance at home. Homes that are very yin are not well lit. Singles living in such homes have difficulty finding husbands or wives or even having a good social life.

  4. If you are a single woman, magnify the yang male energy of your home. Single women living alone and looking for love and marriage should make real efforts to strengthen the male energy of their homes. Hang pictures of male heroes, male movie stars, male singing groups, paintings or photos that fully represent your idea of the perfect man.

  5. Bachelors who want to settle down but simply cannot find the right girl find their living space is very yang male and the female chi is missing or in short supply. Pictures on walls depict ships, guns, military or naval heroes. Try and introduce female energy symbols like sculptures, portraits and paintings of women.

  6. Occasionally displaying art that suggest love and romance with there being a couple in the picture would represent a balancing of energies. Let there be lots of music in the house since this brings in good life energy and keep things in pairs to balance the energies.

  7. Feng shui can help attract marriage opportunities for men and women, but it cannot guarantee the quality of the mate. It is useful to know that if the marriage corner happens to be occupied by a toilet then displaying the love symbol inside the toilet could well attract a most unsuitable match, one who could bring bad luck to the relationship. Do not do anything to activate the chi inside the toilet.

  8. A pair of love birds is a potent attractor of romance luck. Placing a pair of ducks in your living room or bedroom will activate love and marriage luck. Whatever bird you use please remember never to place them singly or alone. It should always be in pairs.

  9. Individuals should sleep with their head pointed to their love direction.

  10. Place a red and gold double happiness symbol .


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