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The Master bedroom is the most important room as it has an enormous effect on the harmony of the home and on the well being of its occupants. It should make you comfortable and be arranged in a style that reflects your personality and your lifestyle.

Some Feng shui basics that you can easily incorporate are –

  1. Have a good size bed so that the individual can sleep comfortably. Sleeping on a bed that is too small restricts your success potential.

  2. Avoid having mirrors . Incase there is a mirror, please ensure that it does not reflect the bed.

  3. Avoid hanging paintings of fierce animals, warships, scenes with large pools of water. Select paintings that are soothing and leave you with happy and peaceful thoughts.

  4. Use soft muted light as it is a place to rest, recuperate and relax. Music when played should be soft and melodious to decrease stress levels and enhance peace.

  5. We should not sleep directly below an exposed beam and sharp edges of any columns should not point towards the bed.

  6. Bedside tables when placed on either side of the bed create balance and harmony. Feng shui enhancers can be placed on these side tables.

  7. Burning candles is a big taboo as naked flames and sleep should not go together.

  8. Try and use pastel colours for the walls.

  9. Place a double happiness symbol to improve one’s relationship luck.

  10. Try and avoid eating in bed as it creates negative energy that represent being physically, mentally or emotionally unwell.


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