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Inauspicious Direction For 2023


The Illness Star has flown into the East direction of all homes and offices. This means that if your home faces East or your bedroom is located in the East or you are born in the year of the Rabbit you will need strong remedies to protect your health.

Remedy –

  1. Wulou

  2. Medicine Buddha

  3. A Garuda


It is afflicted with the Quarrelsome Star which brings aggravations and misunderstandings to homes and offices. This star can cause you to become a victim of harmful gossip therefore one has to be very careful as it causes a lot of unpleasantness. At its worst this star attracts bad luck of having to cope with court cases, litigation and problems arising from the law.

  1. Place a red and gold Laughing Buddha

  2. Keep bright lights

  3. Individuals born in the year of the Dragon and Snake should remain calm and patient.


It is afflicted with the Violent Star bringing betrayal, burglary, deceit, loss of wealth and accidents.

Remedy –

  1. Place a double horned rhinoceros and an elephant for protection.

  2. Place a Kwan Kung to protect your finances

  3. Place a bowl filled with yin water.


In 2023 the Northwest is occupied by the difficult star which brings illness, accidents, loss of wealth, obstacles and all kinds of depressing feelings. This star definitely needs to be suppressed.


  1. Place a 5 element pagoda

  2. Have dim lighting

  3. Place more metal artefacts


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